i. What are the maximum credit hours that a student can enroll in a semester?

Ans. MGSHSS First year students can only take a maximum of 16.5 credit hours in a semester. However, in the sophomore year and onwards students can enroll in 20 credit hours. More details are available in the Student Handbook.

ii. Can I enroll in courses from other schools in Phase I? 

Ans. The communication sent from RO indicates detailed information about a course, its description, instructor information, level check, enrollment capacity, waitlist if any, pre-requisite if any, and what phase the course will be open.

iii. What if I want to repeat a course but do not inform the Registrar’s Office? 

Ans. You are required to inform the RO (Registrar’s Office) beforehand if you wish to repeat a course that may have anti-requisites. Otherwise, you will face an error and the system will not process their enrollment.

iv. What is a student-level configuration for enrollment? 

Ans. Students are given the relaxation of 4 credits while calculating their level for enrollment and appointment. It can be explained in another way through the table given below which defines the boundaries of various levels. The system determines student levels based on these boundaries.

Additionally, students who have completed less than 27 credits fall within the returning first-year category. They will have their enrollment appointment the same as Sophomores, but they will only be able to enroll in courses open to first-year students or open for all levels.

Student Level     

Completed Credit Hours Range

Returning first-year 

26 and below 

Sophomore (including borderline Sophomore) 


Junior (including borderline Junior) 


Senior (including borderline Senior) 

91 and above 


For example, if you have completed 27 credits (including enrolled courses in Summer), you will be assigned a Sophomore appointment and can enroll in courses open to Sophomores. However, their status will be visible as First-Years/Freshman on Zambeel till they complete 31 credits.

v. How many credit hours do I need to finish to be on DHL? 

Ans. You need 30 credit hours as a First Year and for Sophomore year and above, students should have completed 32 credit hours with a CGPA of 3.6 or above. Please refer to the Student Handbook for comprehensive information.

vi. I am enrolled in a University Core that clashes with courses that are cores for my intended major. Can I swap my section? 

Ans. Once you are pre-registered in a university core, the school will not swap sections. Zambeel also does not allow course swapping. However, you can find another student willing to exchange their section with you. This request is ONLY for university cores and requests need to be sent to the Registrar’s Office.

vii. One of the intended major’s core courses is clashing with my preferred Contemporary Debates course, what should I do? 

Ans. Please remember that if you are an undeclared student, there are no core courses except for your MGSHSS Core Curriculum course. So, please enroll in the Contemporary Debates course. If you want to take both, then you must choose another Contemporary Debates course that does not clash with your other course. You can also request a meeting with Academic Advisors to discuss your course planning for both cases.

viii. How can I enroll in a course that requires the instructor's consent?  

Ans.  Please email the Program Coordinator and copy the instructor for their consent and force enrollment